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Tantric Healing and Massage


At Alto Sax Retreat Centre,  based in Essex - UK, individuals and couples can enjoy a relaxing tantric healing, sensual and soothing massage given by John (pictured above in his tantric trousers!), a male masseur and the owner of Alto Sax, who is qualified in Swedish massage and a practitioner and teacher of tantra.
Tantric healing and massage

Tantric massage for women catalyses and enables a woman to access her sacred sexuality and to be fully in touch with her femininity. As she allows herself to open up, sexual and sensual energies are awakened, perhaps in away that she has never experienced before. Tantric massage, combined with tantric breathing, allows a woman to bypass her internal chatter, which may relate to feelings of guilt, shame, or to perceptions of poor body image (even if she has, from a conventional sense, a perfect body) and move to a level where she experiences deep relaxation and sensuality.
 With Tantra, her sexual energy also blossoms and becomes free flowing resulting in wonderful blissful states of being. This is a time when great healing can occur and where a women can, if she allows herself, to be able to enter orgasmic states of being that are prolonged, full bodied and are full of creative energy. In this heightened state, she can with the help of yoni massage, emit free flowing juices, referred to as amrita in Tantra and find herself bathed in warmth and radiating energy that connects her with the divine. The immediate after effects of this are improved self-confidence, a feeling of a deeper connection with nature, with her self and her sex and will often have a transformational effect when she goes back into her daily life. She will notice that men start giving her warm glances in the street, that her friends sense a new self assured warm calmness about her, and when she looks at herself in the mirror, surprise! - she is startled to see that she has become a goddess, her face emitting a gentle smile and that her eyes have become soft and full of deep pools of wisdom, and that best of all, this goddess now looks ten years younger than she did before.
'After several sessions  I began experiencing, for the first time in my life, not only full body orgasms, but female ejaculation as well!. I left Alto Sax with a huge smile on my face and was still smiling days later. John is a gifted Tantra teacher and is so intuitive, soft, and respectful. The location is fantastic and the setting with candles, incense, wine, tantric music, a huge log fire burning in the background, the tantric art work on the floor and walls, made the experience so profound and sacred. When I stepped out of the retreat centre, I felt like I had just emerged from another world where I had explored my sexual and spiritual boundaries, in a safe place with a real life "tantric god".'
Jane, Therapist, 45 years old, London

'Truly wonderful experience and you made me feel so young!'
Betty, 62 years old, retired schoolteacher, Cambridge.
'Hi John, I'm well hope you are too.

Sorry that I haven't probably said thank you for my stay, truth is that I'm not very good at giving or receiving compliments, plus I was a embarrassed with my responses and nakedness (soul). I have never have exposed myself so much to anyone. But it was liberating. I had mazing healing, and thoughts and feelings that I felt would always be with me have gone, I feel beautiful and whole and it feels great!
And it is not only me that sees the changes, other people have noticed that there's something different, and I'm receiving comments like "you look great", "more centred", "you look beautiful" and compliments on my tenderness, plus everyone is getting HUGS and plenty of them.
I had a fantastic time, As a volunteer at Alto Sax, it was a roller coaster of emotions with plenty of laughter, love, and healing with care.
I did work hard at the cenrte on various tasks, but within that i thought that you were fair and I also had a lot of free-time.
I would encourage anyone to volunteer or come to stay, as you provide a safe non judgemental environment. In fact I would say that what's written on the label is in the can!!
Love and Hugs
S. (A genuine email from a grateful woman!)'
Tantric Massage for Couples
As couples begin to experience Tantra and Tantric massage, their orgasmic experience becomes deeper, reaching out and melting into their bodies as they merge into one. Climaxing will often become more emotional, filled with laughter or tears as they enjoy the ebb and flow from the waves of sensuality and rising orgasmic energy that fill their being and that induces natural healing in their minds, bodies and spirit. With consistent practice, together with sustained Tantric breathing, inner warmth and calmness combined with guilt-free sexuality and sensuality will start to pervade into everyday life giving them feelings of sustained self-confidence in their relationship, inner peace and a sense of playfulness.
Once this sense of sacred sexuality has begin to emerge in a couple, they are on the path to being a Tantric god and goddess and will begin to master “surfing the waves” of orgasmic bliss. They will enjoy nurturing themselves and others, experience enhanced feelings of compassion and also notice a desire to lead an authentic and honest life as much as possible. For both sexes, men and women, this state of being is transformational and allows the true person to evolve, where one feels one's own boundaries soften and expand and where one can be truly "creatively alive" in our sex, in our relationship and in our lives in general.
The couples session can also include the following: mutual sensual massage; male, female and full body orgasm; lingam  massage; prostate and male g-spot massage; male ejaculation mastery technique (multiple orgasms and delayed ejaculation); yoni massage; female g-spot massage; female ejaculation and amrita.
Testimonials from couples

'We booked a tantric couples massage with John recently and found the experience truly amazing. It still has had an immense effect on our lovemaking, weeks later.'
J & K, 28 & 45 years old, Essex
'My wife was a bit apprehensive, but once we had talked to John on the phone about booking a session with him we decided to take the plunge. We found the whole experience extremely profound and some of the techniques he used on us just sent us into orbit! Will definately becoming back again.'
Mike and Sue, 25 & 28 years old, London

There are a number of options and packages available:
Type of bookingTimeCost (single person)Cost per couple
Swedish massage
Naturist massage50 minutesN/AN/A
Tantric massageFrom 50 minutesfrom £50£80
Tantric massage and spa use2 hours£180£210
Meditation and Sexual Mindfulness Training (Undertaken Fully clothed)From 50 minutesFrom £50From £50
Tantra session and Tantric massage4 hours / 6 hour session£320/ £450£360/ £490

Visiting massage (not including travel time and travel costs)From 50 minutesFrom £120 per hourFrom £150 per hour
Call John on +44 (0) 751 751 9066  (may divert to Voicemail if busy) to book an appointment or if you have any further questions.

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