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What is Tantric Sex and Tantra ? - An explanation from Alto Sax.

Tantric sex lessons in Essex - but what does it mean?
Tantra encompasses many different things from meditation, breath work, learning to be fully present in the moment, mindfulness (particuarly sexual mindfulness when working with tantric sexuality), authentic relating, to the more media popular view relating to full body orgasms, female ejeculation and multi orgasmic men,  to a sense of inner peace and joy with our lives and within our "sex".
In learning tantra you will add a completley new dimension to your sex life, spicing it up and rekindling or extending existing sensuality, sexual energy and intimacy. The longer term goal of sacred sexuality is to evolve a spritual path that fuly encompasses spirituality, Sexuality, Meditation and inner peace.

We will teach you ancient tantric sexual techniques to work with and onging homework to refine these new tools for lasting effects to your love life.

We also offer refresher sessions and more advanced techniques to those that would like to explore tantra at a deeper level.
More information on Tantra and Tantric Sex
Tantra is also part of ancient Hindu and Buddhist practices and can be practiced at a deeper level as a spiritual path. Tantra is also about lowering our boundaries so that we can experience the world in a more ecstatic and “life enhancing” way. Tantra pulls us out of our normal realm of existence and into an exciting path that is all embracing, creative, loving and develops a deep feeling of connection with the world and beyond.
It is very much linked to our sexual energy, which in the western world is often saved for love making with our partners or on the other extreme with the obsession of achieving orgasm as soon as possible. This is often manifested by the intensity and short term gain of a one night stand, the first 6 months of a passionate relationship or the experience that swingers feel when meeting new couples or singles to "swing with" (some swingers turn to tantra to learn more about sensuality and connection as they get bored with conventional non attached, non emotional casual sex with other people they hardly know).
Tantra goes much deeper then the orgasmic experience. It is a self development tool and a spiritual tool. It helps one get out of the mundane and into to the sensuality of our being. Raising awareness of body, mind and spirit is an integral part of this experience and ultimately this is channelled through the raising of sexual energy.
This approach can be started in some simple ways.
For women, it can be as simple as  smelling a rose, and breathing the energy into the body, gently allowing it to evoke the feelings of sensuality that a only a rose can bring.

Other exercises include experimenting with PC pumping (breathing with awareness and squeezing certain genital muscles) during orgasm from self pleasuring or love making, working more with the heart connection, exploring fire breath orgasms, using sexual energy for meditation and affirmation work. These practises also help women who are suffering from lack of self confidence, sexual abuse, inability to orgasm, addiction to vibrators, sex and pornography.  Tantra also is an empowerment tool and increases intimacy with oneself and connection to your feelings, to be more compassionate and to find your true “authentic self” rather than what others think you should be. It also teaches you how to experience sex in a different way from women who want to learn about female ejaculation and g spot pleasuring to experiencing the deep feminine and sacredness of sexuality, sensuality and spirituality. Some of this can include women to women exploration – recent studies show that 25% of women are bicurious.

For men, it could be refraining from sex for a few days and experimenting with the energy in a different, creative way. For example, by enjoying the increase in sensuality and maleness of ones being. It could be an opportunity for learning to strengthen the Prostate muscle. Many men have little awareness of that area of their bodies. Tantric practice for men is also helpful in changing the predatory, hunter type energy that can pervade in naturist settings when single males are around, or as seen in nightclubs “men on the pull” and transforming this energy into a more loving and sensual experience rather than goal oriented, “any women will do” orgasm.

Tantra also helps men with ejaculation control, sexual abuse and sexual performance issues. It also helps with overcoming addiction to pornography, sex, and prostitution through the practise of sexual mindfulness, the development of pc muscles and working more with heart energy, sensuality and finding your true self, rather than  just “goal oriented sex”. Tantra teaches you how to pleasure yourself and your partner or future girlfriends – you become experts in sensuality, love connection and sacred sexuality that women find irresistible. You understand how to pleasure a women and also discover how you function as a sexual, sensual and spiritual male – rather than the quickie masturbation techniques we learnt during our adolescent years. Those times, when we had to hide from our mothers and fathers and get our “releases “ and dissolve our sexual tensions as soon as possible, lest we get caught “self pleasuring” and die from  embarrassment, or possible scared for life. Here is another simple excersise to try for men - post orgasm, lay still and notice the energy in your body. A warm glow will rise and keep rising and love feelings and connection will be felt. This is experience is usually missed as men, after orgasm just get up and start on something new. Try that excersise with a partner and let them know, minute by minute, how you feel- it will increase your feelings and heart connection for each other in ways you never new and women in particular are fascinated by this excersise.

Dancing is also a good way of unlocking our inner sexual energy and working with it in a playful way. It helps us to tap into our physical force and if practised in the right way, is an ideal form to experience tantra, especially in a group setting. By letting you body flow freely and getting in touch with music, particularly rhythmic music, you can let your body and mind run away with the sounds and the rhythm - and to do this with a complete lack of inhibition like you have never danced before - in other words to be able to dance as if no one was watching! When you can dance as if “no one is watching” you have reached the first level of tantra - to feel free and to express your energy in a creative way that is unique to you. By channelling this awareness and feelings into our sexual energy, a transformation can take place where we feel the same level of freedom in our sensuality and our sex. Sacred sexuality comes into play and we can experiment with the heightened sexuality in many ways. Our senses are all heightened - tasting food becomes ecstatic, touch becomes slow, sensual and sexual energy centres that were unknown to us, can rise to the surface. The palm of the hand can become an energy centre and lead to an orgasmic experience; the area between our sexual organs and the anus can become very sensitised and with practice can be used to raise sexual energy and create high levels of orgasmic experience.
Other techniques we use include the practice of Karezza, yoni and lingam massageTRO, the sacred spot and PC muscle awareness and development with or without the use of a crystal wand, amrita production, yab yum tantric sex positions and many others.
An important part of tantra is to also to learn to love and respect ourselves. A useful exercise is to stand naked in front of a mirror and slowly look at the whole of your body. One by one each part of the body is focused on and loving feelings are developed with each part. With practise the change in ones perception of our bodies can be quite profound and with opening up of love to our bodies, higher peaks of sexual energy, orgasmic release and loving sensuality will arise. This technique can also be practised in a more advanced way in a group setting - letting others look slowly over ones body and learning to feel comfortable with that. Again getting over such inhibitions helps us to be on the path of the tantric way of existence.
Another important aspect of tantra is leading an honest and authentic life. This has to be fully integrated into the tantric path and the challenges this poses on oneself strengthens our egos and ultimately helps us develop confidence and ecstatic states of being that integrate into our daily lives. Practising honesty and integrity requires us to look within and it also requires courage, partly because we are going against the grain of the Western world. It is often best developed by having friendships and connections on a regular basis with other spiritual seekers and tantrika’s.
Tantra Courses at Alto Sax Retreat Centre based in Essex UK
In our courses and workshops at Alto Sax you will experience many of the above techniques and a host of others. At Alto Sax you will learn tantra in a different way. We are one of the first centres that emphasise practice in a naturist environment (not all tantra classes are naturist though) and secondly we do not adhere to one tantric path. We offer courses and workshops in many different tantric traditions so that you can experience which approach suits you best. If you feel you want some more private work, one to one sessions for individuals and couples are available. See our courses and workshops page for up and coming events. For one on one sessions please e mail or call us.
We can also visit you if you prefer although travel time and travel costs will also need to be met.
Call John on +44 (0) 751 751 9066 (may be diverted to Voicemail if busy). Note: withheld numbers are not accepted). Email: info (at) with the subject heading "tantric sex".

Telephone Tantra Sessions: Try our telephone Tantra sessions - hourly rates apply.

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