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Information for Volunteers & Community Workers

For those that are on low income, or who are seeking a short term non-paying community tantra experience, volunteering at Alto Sax Retreat Centre may be the preferred option for you, if you want some experience of Tantra. Volunteer places are limited and do have conditions (see below). Volunteers age range so far have been from 20 to 65 and have been single people, couples and individuals.

Our retreat centre, based in Essex (1 hour from London) in the UK, specialises in Tantra workshops, sacred sexuality, dance, biodanza, five rhythms, improvisation in comedy and music, Buddhism, aromatherapy, herbs, meditation, Tantric massage and personal growth in a safe environment. The guests who stay at the retreat centre are couples and individual women and men who are exploring the integration of spirituality and sexuality through meditation, music and Tantra. For references from previous volunteers and guests, see testimonials below.

The retreat is based in a 16th century manor house with a 40 foot swimming pool, outdoor hot tub, private lake, 300 acres of land and free wifi internet access. We are 20 minutes from Stansted Airport and about 1 hour from London / Cambridge - 1/2 hour from Colchester / Harwich port.

We currently have three people in our community (two women and one man) and are always looking for more helpers from several days to several months possibly longer. Buddhists, pagan and native American spirituality, herbalists, massage therapists, reflexologists, naturists, new age spiritual seekers, aromatherapists, shiatsu, Reiki, & complementary medicine practitioners, woofers, students, couples, web designers, gardeners, painters, artists, actors & actresses, holistic scientists, ethnobotanists, ethnomusiclogists, cooks, yurt / tipi / sweat lodge builders, reiki, spiritual seekers, musicians, poets, yoga teachers, vegetarians / vegans, meditators and tantrikas are particularly welcome. We also do not believe in excluding people due to their sexual orientation and we have guests and volunteers that are gay, bisexual or lesbian.

NOTE: A demonstrable interest in sacred sexuality, or similar, such as training in massage, complementary therapies, etc., is a "must" as our centre deals with very intimate work. We therefore are very selective in accepting the voluntary help offers we receive. However, we encourage you to apply even if you are not sure you meet the criteria.

We get alot of emails and so can only reply to the ones we are potentially interested in. You should include a CV, photo and one page summary explaining why you want to learn Tantra (vague statements will be rejected). All enquiries are striclty confidential.

You should call us first +44 (0) 751 751 9066 (may be diverted to Voicemail if busy so please leave a message with your number), followed by an email to:

Evidence of low income (e.g student, unemployed, single parent, gap year, etc.) will be required.

At the retreat we mainly play jazz fusion, funk, light folk, latin jazz, house, Ibiza chill out, classical, new age and World / ethnic music. When we have parties the music is tribal dance, house, 60’s motown, funk etc.

Helpers that can play a musical instrument are also encouraged to play as we have regular jam sessions and use our in house PA system, keyboards, guitar and amp, bongos and electronic drum kit. Musicians especially guitarists, bass players, keyboard and piano players, drummers, flutists, brass and woodwind etc. are very welcome. We use a lot of music, sound and rhythm in our Tantra workshops and encourage the development of "mindfulness", being in the "here and now". These life skills encourage and enable people to be able to improvise in music and Tantra, and be freer, more creative, and experience greater inner peace in their lives in general.

A sense of humour and calmness are also welcome skills to bring here!

A keen interest in spiritual development, meditation, and Tantra is needed as you will be expected to participate and help in some of our workshops.

NOTE: We work with sacred sexuality and you will need to be comfortable in an optional clothing, naturist environment
(and be prepared to be naked some of the time at least when we have guests) .

For those of you with vivid imaginations - we are not swingers and do not have orgies / sex parties! We explore sexuality and tantric sex as part of a sacred act of spirituality and through sexual healing in a safe environment. We regularly enjoy daily meditation, Tantra sessions, and laughter as a part of a healthy living and peaceful lifestyle.

Food is mainly organic and vegetarian although we do also cook some meat / fish dishes (mainly for guests).

As a volunteer you will be given free accommodation, food and the opportunity to learn Tantra and meditation in return for helping us run and maintain the centre. Duties include particpating and / or helping with workshops, gardening, cooking, cleaning etc. If you have another skill that you think would be useful to us - let us know!

Note: For quickest response please call us
+44 (0) 751 751 9066), followed by an email:

Previous volunteers had the following comments:

Clare , 23 years old
I stayed here for three weeks recently, and can definitely recommend it. The house and grounds are beautiful and peaceful, and the accomodation and food good (guests are expected to take their turn cooking). I enjoyed my work, which was mostly clearing out and painting an outbuilding, plus some housework. Garden work is also a possibility.

I found the tantra component of my time at Alto Sax to be interesting, useful and enjoyable. It was new and eye-opening for me, and I'm glad I did it. It can be very intimate, and isn't the sort of thing you do in everyday life, so you do need to be open to possibilities, and willing to participate and explore your boundaries. An active interest in developing spiritually/sexually is necessary. However, John and Tara create a very safe space; I never felt any pressure to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. There was an excellent atmosphere of trust and sharing within workshops.

 Overall, an illuminating and worthwhile experience. Also very good value, in that in exchange for your work you get not only food and accomodation but regular tantra teaching which i imagine would otherwise not come cheap! Thanks; I'll be back...


Sarah, 21 years old 
Hello  I wholeheartedly recommend staying here. If you are interested in personal development and have a longing for the freedom to express yourself fully then this is the place for you. John and Tara are lovely hosts and the workshops I have been involved in have been fun and very enlightening. The location is perfect if you wish to break free from the humdrum and chaos of city life. Please do not feel daunted by the idea of nudity. I had never experienced naturism until alto-sax and I was surprised at how comfortable I could feel in my own skin -thanks to the friendly and safe environment here. By the way, nudity is optional (particularly in the chilly months!), when guests aren't around.

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